• Disk and Dough Hook, Beater & Whisk not included. HOLDER ONLY.

    Accessory Holder

    The Bosch Accessory Holder holds the Bosch Compact mixer accessories, including the disks from the Continuous Slicer Shredder, Food Processor and the whips and dough hook. Does NOT include any accessories. Only includes the holder/stand.

  • Slicer Shredder (Compact)

    Slicer Shredder (Compact)

    4 quart Capacity (slices/shreds into bowl) Disks Shredding (reversible Coarse/Fine) Slicing (reversible Thick/Thin) Grating (medium shredding) Pusher Cover Disk Holder w/Chute 1 year warranty The Continuous Slicer Shredder uniformly...

  • Blender (Compact)

    Blender (Compact)

    The Bosch Blender fits the high-speed drive on the Bosch Compact mixer. Use to make milkshakes, smoothies, soups, nut butters, bread crumbs, baby food and much more. ONLY compatible with the Bosch Compact Mixer.  Includes: 4 cup Jar Lid Funnel 1...

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  • Food Processor (Compact)

    Food Processor (Compact)

    5 cup Bowl 3 Disks Shredding (reversible Coarse/Fine) Slicing (reversible Thick/Thin) Grating (fine shredding) Chopping Blade Pusher Cover Disk Holder 1 year warranty The Food Processor fits on the high speed drive. It chops and mixes, shreds,...

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  • Citrus Juicer (Compact)

    Citrus Juicer (Compact)

    The Citrus Juicer juices right into the Bosch Compact Mixer bowl or into a glass. It will juice all types of citrus fruits: oranges, lemons, large limes and small grapefruits. It will juice and mix at the same time, allowing you juice fresh lemon juice...

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