• Angel Hair Pasta Cutter

      Currently SOLD OUT. Expecting to receive an order in June 2020. The Angel Hair Cutter makes 1.6mm noodles. The Adapter Leg is required to use the cutter. 1 year warranty. This attachment can ONLY be used with the Universal...

  • Attachment Ice Cream Maker

    1.5 quart Bowl Lid w/Churn Ice Scoop Recipe Book 1 year warranty Make 1.5 quarts of ice cream every 20 minutes! The Ice Cream Maker uses the rock salt and ice method, so you are 20 minutes away from every flavour ice cream you want. 

  • Attachment Juicer for Citrus (Bosch)

    The Citrus Juicer has a 3.5 cup capacity. Can be used with the Bosch Universal or the Bosch Universal Plus. The Citrus Juicer is compatible with the older Bosch Universal, Bosch Universal Plus and Nutrimill Artiste.

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  • Attachment Meat Grinder w/Adapter Leg

    Currently SOLD OUT. Expecting to receive an order August 2020. Meat Grinder 4mm Disc 8mm Disk 4-Bladed Knife Sausage Stuffer Filler Tray and Pusher Adapter Leg 1 year warranty The L'Chef Food and Meat Grinder is a versatile attachment...

  • Attachment Pasta Roller Set

    Currently SOLD OUT. Expecting to receive an order in August 2020. Adapter Leg Pasta Roller Fettuccine Cutter Angel Hair Cutter The Pasta Roller can do more than rolling pasta dough. Make homemade crackers, wonton wrappers, fondants, and...

  • Attachment Sifter for Flour

    8 cup Bowl w/Fine Mesh Screen Cover Lid Sifter Arm 1 year warranty Sift out the bran from your freshly milled flour to make perfect cakes and pastries. Or add extra bran to your breads and muffins.  The Flour Sifter is compatible with the...

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  • Attachment Spiralizer

    6.5 quart Capacity Disks Shredding (reversible Coarse/Fine)  Slicing (reversible Thick/Thin) Grating (fine shredding) Pusher (larger chute) 1 year warranty Transform your vegetables into spiralized veggie noodles. Enjoy healthy,...

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  • Bowl Attachment Baker's Pack

    Bowl Scraper Cake Paddles Cookie Paddles Metal Driver 1 year warranty The Bowl Scraper scrapes the inner post and sides of the bowl. It snaps onto the Metal Driver or Plastic Driver along with the Cake Paddles, Cookie Paddles, and Wire Whips...

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  • Bowl Attachment Cake Paddles

    The Cake Paddles are made for pour-able batters and quick breads. The triple whipping action allows the paddles to be effective and efficient. Must be used with the Metal Driver only. Made with fewer tines so ideal for mixtures without...

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