Meat Grinder Attachments

  • Attachment Meat Grinder (Bosch)

    Meat Grinder 4.5mm Disk 4-Blade Knife Filler Tray & Pusher 1 Year Warranty The Bosch Meat Grinder is another versatile attachment. With the purchase of other attachments, it can become Berry Press, Noodle Maker and Grater. This attachment...

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  • Bosch Berry Press

    The Berry Press attaches to the Bosch Meat Grinder. It allows the user to juice smaller berries to tomatoes, by pressing the juice out while retaining the seeds. 

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  • Grating Attachment

    The Grating attaches to the Bosch Meat Grinder. It has a protective cover while it grate spices, nuts and hard cheese to ensure safe and clean operation. 

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  • Pasta Attachment

    The Noodle/Pasta piece attaches to the Bosch Meat Grinder. It has 11 disks for making linguini, angle hair, macaroni, spaghetti, thin spaghetti, wide noodle, rigatoni, spiral, shelly, jumbo shell and lasagna.

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