Attachment Food Processor (Bosch)

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Product Overview

  • 5 cup Bowl
  • 3 Disks
    • Shredding (reversible Coarse/Fine)
    • Slicing (reversible Thick/Thin)
    • Grating (fine shredding)
  • Chopping Blade
  • Pusher
  • Cover
  • Disk Holder
  • 1 year warranty

The Food Processor fit on the high speed/blender/motor drive. It chops and mixes, shreds, grates and slices, which is great for making small batches or garnishes. The Food Processor has a safety lock, so bowl and lid needs to be locked into the base/handle for it to operate. 

The Food Processor is compatible with the older Bosch Universal and Bosch Universal Plus.


Making Guacamole


(No reviews yet) Write a Review